Firdose Khan

Known for his performance expertise, Firdose “Dose” Khan gives athletes a “dose” of his medicine in any given workout. One of the trainers to the NFL combine and to top athletes in professional sports, Dose has been described by many professionals as making them feel young again. Dose’s knowledge of understanding how the body works has allowed him to help his clients be successful in their sport.

Khan started his career at the University of Wyoming where he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion Program. Khan spent his time focusing on developing a variety of stretching techniques to increase flexibility and mobility, which decreases the injury potential. Khan continues to apply this technique to his training programs, which has driven more professional athletes his way.

Khan believes in using the right techniques as early as possible in an athletes’ career, this not only translates to a successful career, but a longer career with less preventable injuries. Khan started working with high school athletes in Wyoming at Sheridan High School. Khan developed exercise plans that specifically modulated aerobic and resistance work to suit the metabolic and physical demands of the sport. He also developed position specific plyometric movements to improve athletic performance. Khan continued to increase his knowledge and use his expertise at the collegiate level at the University of Wyoming. Khan used the programs he created at the high school level and also created player core strength development to improve stability and balance.

Recently, Khan was named one of the performance coaches for the NFL Combine in Los Angeles, California, preparing collegiate athletes to become professionals. Khan is now considered one of the top Professional trainers in the country to professional athletes. He co-trains several athletes with the owner of IX Innovations, Abdul Foster. Khan is helping athletes get back in shape to get ready to take the field like NFL players Eric Winston, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Wade Smith and many more.

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