Abdul Foster

Professional Trainer, Fitness Coach and Counselor to many of the top professional athletes in the world, Abdul Foster is known for his elite training style. Always with the mindset to have his clients excel, Foster trains not only the physical part of the body, but also the mental part of the body through his extensive training sessions.

An athlete and competitor at heart, Foster brought home nearly 20 awards during his high school years. A former NCAA track & field star at Florida A&M University, Foster understands hard work first-hand. In 2009, Foster created Elite Life Training traveling across the country training some of the top athletes in all sports through his knowledge and expertise. Foster was recently one of the

Performance Coaches for the NFL Combine in Los Angeles, California. The Albuquerque, New Mexico native has been a part of several athletes’ remarkable stories, one being his younger brother Houston Texans starting Running Back, Arian Foster. Big brother has trained Arian since college and through his transition to the NFL. With Arian only making the practice squad for the Texans, Foster was determined to do what was necessary to help Arian make the roster. With a unique and intensive training routine, Foster designed a session to specifically increase Arian’s speed. After showing his endurance, speed and strength in 2009, Arian had an explosive year in 2010 breaking several franchise and NFL records, crediting his training. Foster has been credited by many athletes for being more than a trainer, but a counselor who cares and takes on their goals to accomplish as well. His dedication to players goes beyond the gym, waking up daily at 5:30 am planning routines specifically for each client. Foster has been noted for training some of the following athletes: NFL Pro-bowler and Wide receiver Andre Johnson, NFL

Pro-bowler and Offensive lineman Duane Brown, NFL Pro-bowler and Tight-end Owen Daniels, NFL Defensive-end Antonio Smith, NFL Wide-receiver Danarius Moore, NFL Offensive lineman Antoine Caldwell, NFL Linebacker Zac Diles, NFL Safety Troy Nolan, just to name a few.

When Foster is not working out or training, he is catching up with sports on television, playing a game on his X-Box 360 and being a dad to his 2-yr-old daughter.

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