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“It takes hard work and the best to be great; so that’s why I trusted my older brother, Abdul, to get me there. I knew I needed the best to make me the best to comeback after my back surgery”Arian Foster, Houston Texans Running back

“Endurance and Strength is what I need, I am a Big guy that has to protect my quarter back and running back…. IX has been able to increase my strength making me feel like I can take on the best defensive line, no matter what.” Duane Brown, Houston Texans Offensive Lineman

“Being a 13-year veteran in the NFL, it gets harder each year from the wear and tear on your body, working with Dose and Abdul, my body feels like it did when I first entered the league. That’s huge.” Andre Johnson, Houston Texans Wide Receiver

“Seems like the older I get the harder I have to train to get into shape to play and an elite level. Training at IX, I’m the best shape of my career and they’ve kept me motivated to continue doing for years to come!” Owen Daniels, Baltimore Ravens Tight End

“Once you retire from the NFL, your normal workout routine is no more, so most of the muscle turns into fat. Carrying around 300 plus pounds was not easy. Dose got me moving again and I am back into compete mode, Let’s go!” Travis Johnson, Former NFL Defensive End

“”I have had many different conditioning coaches during my years in the NFL, but none make me feel as prepared to succeed as the crew at IX Innovations. From strength, flexibility, balance and conditioning. They make sure you have it all so that you can be at your best for game day. “Eric Winston, NFL Offensive Lineman

“After you have played over a decade in the NFL, the bumps and bruises can become intense. I needed to get back to where I felt my best and Dose got me there.” Wade Smith, NFL Offensive Lineman

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